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FROM THE EYES OF AN ADOLESCENT, the road through life can seem filled with endless possibilities. There are places to go and landmarks to celebrate. But sometimes, the road is not smooth. Young Life joins middle and high school kids on their journey-- offering them positive and life-changing experiences to help them find their way.
For many kids, THEIR ADVENTURE WITH YOUNG LIFE BEGINS AT CLUB, where the combination of great music, crazy games, and a lot of laughs, makes club the place to be. Toward the end of each club, the silliness subsides and a lead shares a message about a living God that is relevant to kids.
Kids who seek to know more about the message they hear at club also take a pit stop during the week to HANG OUT AT CAMPAIGNERS, where Young Life leaders and their middle or high school friends explore the Bible and talk about how it applies to their lives.
YOUNG LIFE LEADERS BUILD FRIENDSHIPS with students at Young Life events, but friendships take root as leaders go where kids are and become a part of their lives. Leaders are caring and reliable adults who know kids well, offer hope and guide them through life's roadblocks and detours.
Each summer, leaders also GO WITH KIDS TO YOUNG LIFE CAMP. Set in beautiful surroundings, the mission's 23 camps offer a variety of activities and extraordinary experiences. Throughout their weeklong stay, campers also hear more about God and His amazing love for them.
Young Life is involved in the lives of more than ONE MILLION TEENAGERS in the United States and around the world. For more than 12 years in Sevier County, volunteer Young Life leaders have been traveling along side of kids. No matter what road they are traveling on, Young Life is there for kids, offering friendship and fun and always pointing kids to the ultimate final destination: discovering a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Role of a Young Life Leader

Leaders are committed to being involved with kid's lives--from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what's important to them. Our leaders help kids consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for the future.
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February 26th we will open the camp sign ups.

The first 25 students who sign up will get a limited edition SMYL Baseball Shirt.

Follow this link for signing up.

Sign ups will be accepted at 1201 on February 26th.

For more information contact

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Sevier County & Pigeon Forge High Club
Thursday Nights 7:29
(1346 Deer Meadows Rd. Sevierville, TN 37862)

Gatlinburg Pittman Club
Monday Nights 7:29
Contact Britton at (615)631-5632 for location info
Seymour Club
Contact Caylee at (865)680-6080 for location info

Northview Club
Contact Brandon (765)404-7949 for location info

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